Feb 172012

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This is a THROWDOWN of Silver versus Gold between myself and Still Blond after all these YEARS and I must say this: silver is spectacular!  Gold is so passé 😉  I know, I know – gold is more expensive per ounce.  But we all know that price doesn’t always equate to value!
Still Blond is supporting Gold – you can visit her post here – while I support Silver.  Once you’ve perused both of our posts, and maybe pinned a few of your favorites, please take a moment to vote in the poll at the bottom of the post.  Let’s show the world that shiny silver knocks the socks off glittery gold every day of the week!
Silver Bangles
I like the antique-ish look, plus the whimsy, of these silver bangles.

Silver Christmas Ornaments
So shiny and bright; it’s the perfect winter look.

Silver Frame & Vases
I’m not usually super fru-fru, but there’s something about this look that I love!

Badgley Mischka Silver Strappy Sandals
I need a pair of these! Strappy sandals are one of my favorite footwear choices.

Silver Serving Pieces
These would be great for a special tea for the kiddos or Mother’s Day; I’ve also displayed flowers in the pitchers before.

Antique Silver Beads
Beaded charm bracelets are all the rage these days; these would make a lovely addition.

Silver Porsche Carrera GT
Can I have one of these to zip around for, even just for the weekend?

All Things Silver to Set the Stage For a Great New Year’s Eve
I especially love the dresses and the sparkler!
Please take a second to cast your vote for silver (ahem) or gold (boo!).

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