Jun 272011

When it comes to the ceremony and reception everyone seems to look for those finishing touches that help either add something special or create memories, like the photo cufflinks I told you about earlier this week.  For my cousin’s wedding almost two years ago now she and her mother made homemade jam in a number of different flavors and provided them as favors at the reception.  Not only was it a nice homemade gift that reflected something she enjoyed, she also has the memory of cooking up all those batches with her mom.

Unique Wedding and Reception Ideas

Here are a few other suggestions for things to add or do during the ceremony that are a little unique:

  • Consider a photo guest book. Have one of your attendants take a Polaroid of each guest or group of guests (however they arrive) and then add the photo to the guestbook or scrapbook and have them sign below it.
  • Get married by candlelight for a romantic touch.
  • Have the officiant stand down on the floor while you stand on stairs or a platform so that your guests can see your faces and expressions instead of just the back of your heads.

And here are some unique thoughts for the reception:

  • When choosing food, go regional.  From New England?  Then you might want lobster bisque or clam chowder.  Does your town have it’s own brewery?  Try stocking your bar with it or have the local claim-to-fame cocktail be your signature drink.
  • Try a candy “bar” at your reception.  Gather old glass apothecary jars, colored vases, tea cups – whatever containers best fit your theme.  Then fill them with a collection of candies.  Rock candy on sticks, jelly beans, layers of colored M&Ms, swirled lollipops and other brightly colored candies really stand out.  The kids will love it (and so will the adults).  See some sample photos here at the Disney Food Blog (one of my faves!).
  • Do a dessert sampling table.  Offer a variety of small desserts like chocolate covered strawberries, brownies, bites of cheesecake dipped in chocolate, mini strawberry shortcakes, etc.  If a family member has a dessert they are “known” for (with my Gram it would be her famous peanut butter fudge and frosted chocolate brownies), consider asking them to share a couple of batches.  It gives your loved ones a way to contribute to the festivities and makes everything a little more personal.

What unique wedding and reception ideas do you have?

Jun 222011

Weddings are all about memories. And as fathers prepare to walk their daughters down the aisle (or as brothers prepare to walk sisters, grandfathers prepare to walk granddaughters, etc.) you can be sure they are thinking back through the years and reliving some of the memories that they have created together. Wearing your heart on your sleeve may be just a saying but now it’s possible to literally wear your memories on your sleeve, too.

I recently received an Easy Change Photo Cufflinks Kit in the mail from Photo Jewelry Making. These would make a great Father’s Day gift for next year but I think they would also be the perfect gift from the bride to the person walking her down the aisle. From the men I spoke to over the weekend, they all agreed that having a special photo of the two of them slipped into these cufflinks for them to wear on the big day would be a perfect little touch.

Photo Software to Make Personalized Photo Cufflinks

This kit honestly could not be easier to use.  To start, load the included software CD so that you can edit your photo and then shrink it down to size.  To do so: Continue reading »

May 222011

While most might consider June-August to “officially” be wedding season, with the royal couple tying the knot a few weeks ago, they’ve already kicked us off for the year.  On a more personal level, a cousin of mine just married his new bride last weekend.

A lot of people had really been waiting for the royal wedding, but as I’ve shared with you a few times over the past couple of months, the wedding that I personally am waiting on pins and needles for is the wedding of my brother and his lovely fiancee.  I’m part of the bridal party, so I don’t have to worry about what I’ll be wearing; the dresses have already been chosen for us.  (They’re actually quite nice as bridesmaid dresses go; I could wear it again to a party if I wanted.  Can’t say the same for every bridesmaid dress that’s tucked into the back of my closet!)

In the past, though, deciding what to wear as a guest has occasionally been a wee bit stressful.  Should I go short or long?  Do I need to (yuck) wear tights or nylons?  (Not that they can’t be adorable, I just like my legs to be bare.  Tights make me hot.)  And the major question: can I find a dress that makes me look taller than I am (5’2″), hides any flaws (is there anyone on the planet that actually loves their thighs?) and plays up my best features (Baby C has been a blessing to both my décolletage and toning my upper arms)? Continue reading »