Sep 292012

Baby Safety Month:  Monitoring Your Child

For a very long time Bubbles wouldn’t sleep unless one of us were holding her, lying next to her, or within arm’s reach.  While it made for some long nights, it did make that parental urge to check your baby’s breathing much easier.  We didn’t have to keep getting up and checking another room; we just looked down.

Now that Bubbles is older and has her own toddler bed, she enjoys having her own special sleep place.  She still likes to fall asleep within sight of us (and still fights bedtime sleep like a professional boxer) but once asleep we move her to her bed and she’s content.  While it’s good to see her independence grow – and also to be able to actually do the dishes while she sleeps now – it did put us in need of a monitor.  The audio ones are nice and have been helpful for decades; I remember playing with the one my Mom had for my younger brothers.  But I really wanted to try one of the new video and audio combo ones.

Baby Monitor: Baby Safety Month

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