Jul 152014

I am a compensated Superior Source Vitamins Ambassador. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Most families try to pack in the activities during the beautiful weather of the summer months. Our family is no different! We have BBQs, road trips, day trips to the zoo and museums, plus just the regular backyard activities in which we engage.

With everything we have going on, we don’t have time to let getting sick slow us down. We do exercise and eat well – Bubbles loves identifying what is and is not a healthy snack – but I like to give us a little extra assurance. So I make sure we get anything we may be missing with vitamins.

Superior Source Vitamins

I’ve loved the convenience of Superior Source vitamins over the last few months. They’re MicroLingual, which means you just slip them under your tongue and they are quickly absorbed into the body, dissolving in just seconds. Here is a little about some of what we’ve been taking lately or will be taking soon: Continue reading »

Oct 022013

I’m a Superior Source Brand Ambassador.  I received products and compensation, however all words and opinions are 100% my own.  I am not a doctor and make no health or diagnosis claims.

I’ve been taking B12 in vitamin format for about 6 years now.  My doctor at the time gave me a B12 injection when she noticed my numbers were low, and it gave me so much extra energy that I decided to keep taking it.  I’ve always taken the sublingual version; it’s just so much more convenient than swallowing a pill.

So when Superior Source approached me about partnering with them as a Brand Ambassador, I thought it was a great fit.  They’ve been providing MicroLingual vitamins and supplements for over 40 years.  Even smaller than a sublingual option, MicroLingual tablets are soft molded instant release tablets that are held under the tongue.  And when I say smaller – I mean a lot smaller.  These tiny tablets are approximately 1/10 the size and weight of an equivalent standard swallowed tablet.

Superior Source MicroLingual Baby, Children's, and Adult Extra Strength Vitamin D Tablets

This month we received a variety of Vitamin D MicroLingual products, including: Continue reading »