Nov 202013

Thank you to Delta Furniture for sending us something to help with getting toddlers to pick up!  All words and opinions are my own.

Bubbles is usually pretty good about picking up her toys.  She might not get to them right away, and there may have been a whirlwind of blocks, trucks, dolls, and more around the living room and her bedroom before it’s completed, but it does get done.  Occasionally, though, it does take a little prompting.

Rather than turning those rare “I don’t wanna” toy clean up times into a flow of tears, Bubbles and I came up together with a game.  It’s such a fun game for her that she has been known to strew crayons and Lincoln Logs across the floor just so we can play.  No method is perfect, right?

One of Our Clean Up Games: "Find it Flashlight"

We call our cleanup game the “Find It Flashlight Game”.  And it’s very easy to play.  Bubbles brings me her little flashlight and I swirl the light beam around the room, saying “Hmm, what do I see… what do I see?”  Then the beam of light lands on a toy, and I call “I found something!” prompting Bubbles to run over to the toy, pick it up, and store it away. Continue reading »