Nov 162013

Thank you to Gooseberry Patch for providing a review copy of their “Hometown Harvest” cookbook so that I could share this stuffing recipe with you.  All words and opinions are my own.

Growing up, Thanksgiving was always held at my maternal grandparents’ house.  My grandparents, my great-grandmother, my parents and brothers, my aunt and uncle and their kids, plus any significant others or other guests would all end up split between their kitchen and dining room to share a meal.  The food options were endless and not only was there no chance of anyone going hungry, most of the time there were enough leftovers sent home with each family to provide meals for three or four days.

Since starting a family of my own, Thanksgivings are now most often split between my husband’s Aunt’s house and our place.  Depending on the location the items that I need to make can vary.  This year, for example, we’re guests instead of hosts, so we’ll be bringing an appetizer, a side, and a dessert.

Sourdough Mushroom Stuffing Recipe

Sourdough Mushroom Stuffing Recipe from the Gooseberry Patch Cookbook "Hometown Harvest"

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Nov 192012

Thanksgiving is Thursday!  I can’t believe it’s already here.  We’re having Thanksgiving at a family member’s house this year, so I’m not responsible for all the main courses.  But I do need to make an appetizer, rolls, and a dessert.  I have some perennial favorites, but for the rest, I of course turned to the best resource I know: Pinterest!  Here are ten of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes.  And while I don’t need to make the turkey this year, I couldn’t resist adding Alton Brown’s turkey recipe – it’s amazing!

Turkey Cookies – Gobble, Gobble!

Turkey cookies made with candy corn - Thanksgiving Cookies

Donut holes become tasty “acorns”

Acorns made from donut holes, pretzels and nuts

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