Nov 192013

I am a Superior Source Brand Ambassador.  I received compensation and products in exchange for sharing this information with you.  All words and opinions are my own.

As a Superior Source Brand Ambassador each month I get to bring you new products and vitamins.  This month I would like to introduce you to the Vitamin C Melts.  With cold and flu season upon us, the timing couldn’t be better!

All Superior Source Vitamins are MicroLingual.  With supplements that are swallowed, as much as 50% of the potency is lost in the acidic environment of the stomach.  These vitamins, however, use under-the-tongue technology that works fast, dissolving in just seconds.

Superior Source Vitamin C Melts

B1G1 Free Bottle of Superior Source Vitamin C Melts

The Vitamin C Melts come in two flavors: “Sour” Cherry and “Tangy” Orange.  I received a bottle of each and while they do love up to their descriptive names, I enjoyed both flavors.  I also like that you have the option of under-the-tongue placement or chewing the melts.  They have no artificial sweeteners and are sugar- and preservative-free. Continue reading »

Oct 022013

I’m a Superior Source Brand Ambassador.  I received products and compensation, however all words and opinions are 100% my own.  I am not a doctor and make no health or diagnosis claims.

I’ve been taking B12 in vitamin format for about 6 years now.  My doctor at the time gave me a B12 injection when she noticed my numbers were low, and it gave me so much extra energy that I decided to keep taking it.  I’ve always taken the sublingual version; it’s just so much more convenient than swallowing a pill.

So when Superior Source approached me about partnering with them as a Brand Ambassador, I thought it was a great fit.  They’ve been providing MicroLingual vitamins and supplements for over 40 years.  Even smaller than a sublingual option, MicroLingual tablets are soft molded instant release tablets that are held under the tongue.  And when I say smaller – I mean a lot smaller.  These tiny tablets are approximately 1/10 the size and weight of an equivalent standard swallowed tablet.

Superior Source MicroLingual Baby, Children's, and Adult Extra Strength Vitamin D Tablets

This month we received a variety of Vitamin D MicroLingual products, including: Continue reading »