Jan 312014

This Sunday is, of course, the Big Game.  And while many people tune in for football, some people turn in specifically for the great commercials that are always aired during the game.  They’re generally quite memorable and will be talked about for days, if not weeks, after they first air.

Once again Coca-Cola will be part of the action and I have a sneak peek at their Big Game ad!  Titled “Going All the Way” the commercial chronicles how a small, yet determined, high school football player earns his team’s confidence when he gets the game-time opportunity of a lifetime.  Most of the cast are Green Bay-area residents and Lambeau Field’s longtime groundskeeper gets a featured role.

You can also check out the behind-the-scenes action of the ad being filmed.  It was produced in Green Bay, Wisconsin – definitely big football country.  Watch the short below to see what goes into making a Big Game ad. Continue reading »

Feb 042013

So God Made a Farmer – and a Grandfather

Last night’s game started off rather boring.  The commercials weren’t really doing anything for me, either.  Then the Dodge Ram ad came on and there was silence – and a few tears – in the room.

See, I grew up on a farm.  My paternal grandfather was a farmer, my maternal grandparents were farmers, and my parents helped out on both sides.  And while I listened to Paul Harvey’s voice share all the special characteristics of farmers, I couldn’t help but think especially of my maternal grandfather who passed away a few years ago.

My grandfather worked hard.  Farmers’ days don’t start when the sun comes up and they don’t end when it goes down.  He would be up and out to work many times by 4 a.m. (a schedule that my grandmother, who is in her 80s, still often keeps).  And that was after getting up in the middle of the night to go stoke the fires in the potato houses so the harvested crop wouldn’t freeze in the middle of sub-zero Northern Maine winters. Continue reading »

Jan 302013

#SB47 Commercial Sneak Peek

We always watch the Big Game on Sunday and it’s usually because of the football with the commercials being an added bonus.  This year’s teams don’t really excite us much, so this Sunday will be mostly about the commercials, with the football a distant second.  Fortunately there will be two commercials highlighting Disney’s amazing upcoming movies!  I cannot wait to see them in their entirety  but in the meantime, I have a sneak peek of both to share with you!

The Lone Ranger

Super Bowl 2013 Commercial Sneak Peek

First up is the new 90 second spot for the Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Films summer blockbuster “The Lone Ranger”.  It will air during the 2 p.m. EST pre-game show on CBS.  Along with the new trailer you’ll have the chance to win some great prizes in the “Who Will You Ride With on Game Day” Sweepstakes*.  Just watch the Sunday trailer, follow the @LoneRanger on Twitter, and answer the trivia questions about the spot using the hashtag #LONERANGER.  You could win SUBWAY® gift cards, Kawasaki helmets, and more! Continue reading »