Dec 232013

I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kidoodle TV. I received a promotional item and a free trial as a thank you for participating.

We’re pretty selective about the television shows that Bubbles gets to watch.  The shows don’t necessarily have to be educational – watching something purely for it’s entertainment value is okay now and then.  But I also don’t want it to be something that’s going to teach her habits or concepts that are too old for her.

For example, in the mornings there are a couple of her favorite shows that run back-to-back.  Following those two shows, however, is another show that we don’t prefer for her to watch.  We usually watch with her, but occasionally we need to step away for a phone call or the laundry, and once in awhile we come back to find that her shows have ended and she’s watching the other show.

Kidoodle TV

Kidoodle TV Account Setup #MC

Now with Kidoodle TV we don’t have to worry about any of those “oopsies” or catching part of something we’d rather not.  You can create a Kidoodle TV account in just a couple of minutes.  Simply enter your child’s name and customize their screen with an avatar and background color. Continue reading »