Dec 302014

One of my goals for 2015 is to rediscover my style.  I remember in college when I had a closet full of strappy sundresses, a variety of cute sandals, and pretty sparkly jewelry with which to accessorize.  Now my wardrobe mostly consists of jeans and t-shirts with the requisite pair of yoga pants tossed in, paired with flip flops.

Exciting stuff, I know.

One of the first places I want to start is with something I consider to be my main accessory, and that’s my cellphone.  It’s something I have on me at all times, so why not make it as personal as possible?  I already swap out the case on my current phone to match the season, but wouldn’t having an entire phone that’s customized just for you be awesome?

Fully customized to your specifications! The Motorola Moto X Smartphone

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May 132013

My search for affordable family mobile unlimited plans has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

I’ve always been, as they say, a “talker”.  There is a picture of me in fuzzy pink footed pajamas, sitting sideways in a rocking chair with my feet up on one arm; the cord of the phone is stretched from the wall to my little hand, and I’m twirling a strand of hair.  I tried to find it to share with you but it may still be in the boxes of photos that my Mom has for me.

I’m not sure whom at the age of 4 I needed to talk to – and so casually – but that clearly was just the beginning bloom to my gift of gab.  As I got older I remember quite a few marathon phone sessions with friends.  Back then texting didn’t exist, so you couldn’t just send three or four words back and forth electronically.  You had to stay on the line to complete a conversation.

Walmart Family Mobile Starter Kit & Phone #FamilyMobileSaves

While I may not spend quite as many minutes (hours) on the phone now as I did then, I do rack up my share of minutes each month.  With my parents living in Maine, not only do I like to check in on them regularly, they also like to talk to Bubbles on the phone quite often, also.  I had always felt like we had a fairly decent cell phone plan – until last summer, that is.  We finally took the plunge and upgraded to smartphones with data plans.  I knew our bill would increase but I didn’t realize by just how much. Continue reading »