Jan 152013

Family Dollar Kidgets Wipes & Diapers

Kidgets Diapers and Wipes at Family Dollar

Like most baby showers, our showers when Bubbles was born presented us with a number of diapers.  Most of them were for a specific national brand and they worked well, so we stuck with them.  Along the way we did try a few other store brands but just didn’t get the performance from them that the other diaper brand provided.  We also purchased the brand’s matching wipes as they had a gentle variety that I thought would benefit a tiny baby’s bottom.

Buying diapers and wipes month after month, however, can really add up and you start looking for ways to reduce those costs: coupons, buying in bulk, subscribe and save.  One thing I didn’t look for, though, was another store brand to try.  Recently, though, I discovered that our town has a Family Dollar which I hadn’t shopped in since I lived in Maine years ago.  They have their own line of diapers – the Kidgets brand – and also just recently added wipes.  At $6.50 for 31 diapers (size 4) and $2 for a 72-count package of wipes I thought it might be worth it to give them a try – especially considering we had recently been experience some leaking issues with Bubbles’ regular brand. Continue reading »