Apr 222014

This Earth Day tips post is brought to you by TerraCycle and Entenmann’s. All thoughts and words are my own.

Today is Earth Day!  Did you know that Earth Day has been around since 1970, and that today, more than 192 countries celebrate it?  It’s clearly something that resonates globally.

Earth Day Tips: Turn Entemann's Little Bites Wrappers into Money & Prizes for Your School

Earth Day Tips

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Apr 242012

When we were moving into our new place, I had to go to the town water company office to get the water, etc. transferred over to us.  When I did, they offered me a free plastic recycling crate to use.  We can sit it out with the trash every Tuesday, and the waste management company will pick up both for us.

While I like that they support recycling efforts, and provided the container for free, it’s not really something that I want to set in my kitchen.  It’s kind of unsightly and Bubbles would be trying to load and unload it all day long.  I also am pretty sure I would trip over it 19 times a day.  I didn’t want to just toss everything into a paper bag or box, though; so messy and they would only be good to use a few times before they were destroyed.

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