Feb 282014

I love popcorn and chocolate, and enjoy combining them together into munch mix recipes whenever I have an excuse.  I was organizing my baking “accessories” cabinet the other day, trying to find a more efficient way to store the sprinkles, frostings, and other accouterments.  When I had everything pulled out, I realized I had some green candy melts and thought Bubbles and I could make a fun Leprechaun Munch Mix.

Leprechaun Munch Mix Recipe for St. Patrick's Day

The best thing about a munch mix is you can customize it with whatever you have on hand.  Since this was for St. Patrick’s Day, I used some of the mini chocolate candies I had.  They’re a full rainbow of colors, which is great when you’re trying to find your pot of gold! Continue reading »

Oct 252013

Thank you to JOLLY TIME for providing products to help me create a monster munch recipe.

I love making munch mix recipes for a couple of reasons.  One, they’re just so darn tasty.  Whomever the first person it was that came up with tossing this combination of ingredients together is a smart cookie.

But I also like making them because they’re quick and easy.  I know you all probably get some last minute “Oh, hey Mom, by the way…” requests for snacks for school or a bake sale or something similar.  I used to spring that on my own Mom once in awhile.  So a go-to snack recipe that can be changed up based on the season, holiday, or even just what mix-ins you have on hand can be a big help.

Monster Munch Recipe

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Jul 132013

Sweet and salty is such a yummy pairing and I love to combine the tastes in different munch recipes.  You’ll find similar concoctions available from retailers, especially around the holidays.  Different mixes of popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, candies, sprinkles, and more.

Here’s a quick and easy Christmas munch recipe for you.  It makes a great gift for foodie friends, or you could pair it with a DVD and some hot chocolate mix and give the gift of a family movie night.  It stores well, so often I’ll make a batch and fill bags with individual portions.  I fancy them up with a bit of ribbon, fill a basket, and have people grab a snack when they come to visit (and another to take home with them when they go).

Christmas Candy Munch Mix Recipe

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Mar 102013

The college basketball tournament will be starting soon and we’re all pretty excited.  Hopefully the Cats will manage to sneak in this year (it hasn’t really been the best year for the UK men’s basketball team) so that we can cheer for them.  Even if they don’t, we’ll definitely be watching the games.

I don’t know about you but when we watch something special like a once-per-year tournament I like to make special snacks or meals to help celebrate.  I wanted to make something that we could eat over the course of a few days so that we could enjoy it during most of the games.  So I decided to make “Madness Munch”.  Bubbles of course wanted to help – she loves to help me in the kitchen and I love to have the help.  This recipe is fast and easy to make and you can customize it to fit the tastes of your family.

Madness Munch Recipe for College Basketball Tournament Viewing Parties

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