Mar 182013

French Toast and Pancake Recipes for Kids

It always seems that breakfast is one of those meals that is almost always the same.  Yogurt and a piece of toast, some scrambled eggs with a couple strips of bacon, pancakes, cereal – whatever it is, I feel like once we find something we enjoy that fills us up for the morning we tend to stick with it.  Habit and routine help us get our morning started and keep everyone on schedule.

Every once in awhile, though, it’s nice to break out of the rut and add in some new options.  On the weekends we have a bit more time and try things like different breakfast casseroles, omelets, Eggs Benedict, and things like that.  But during the week to help add variety, yet still get our picky eater to eat, we sometimes turn to frozen products to help speed up our prep.  And because breakfast for us is mostly about getting Bubbles to eat something I really like the “mini” frozen foods, like the new Aunt Jemima Lil’ Griddles.  They have mini pancakes, mini blueberry pancakes, and french toast sticks. Continue reading »