Mar 312014

I received a sample from KidzCanDesign in exchange for sharing this information with you. All thoughts and words are my own.

If you look at our refrigerator, it’s easy to tell that we have a preschooler.  There are a number of drawings and coloring pages stuck to the front of it, and many others grace the refrigerator at Grammie’s house, too.  She produces them much faster than we can keep up with them, that’s for sure.

As this is my first experience with all the “Mama, I made this for you!” drawings, I have a really hard time throwing any of them away.  What isn’t being displayed has been collected into a box to sort through at a future time.  Many of them I’m sure I’ll hang on to until she’s older, as some of them are really pretty good for a 3-year-old.

Turn Your Child's Artwork Into Custom Jewelry with KidzCanDesign

I know that over the years, there are likely to be some pieces that I’ll want to have forever.  And now those pieces can be something that you can memorialize in a very special way.  Using the KidzCanDesign website you can turn your kids’ art into custom pieces of jewelry! Continue reading »

May 112013

Happy Mother's Day from Monsters University

Remember what it was like leaving home to head off to college?  If you were like me, no matter how independent you thought you were, it wasn’t long before you missed your Mom!  I’m sure that even though Sully was dreaming of becoming a Scarer he, too, probably missed his Mom once he arrived at Monsters University (though being part of the OK fraternity gave him some support to get through those lonely moments).  Maybe he should have been like “Squishy” Squibbles and continue living at home with his doting mother, Ms. Squibbles.

Whatever their living situation, all the monsters want to show their appreciation for Moms everywhere.  They are sharing their sentiment through the image above.  Also be sure to watch the cute video below.  It’s all about the interactions between families.  Can anyone else relate to the “Smile!” request? Continue reading »

May 102012

Mother’s Day is Sunday!  I can’t believe it, because that means it’s half-way through the month of May and it’s gone way too fast.  In honor of Mother’s Day, Matter of Cents and I are sharing our favorite mom-inspired pins from Pinterest.  We’d love for you to share yours, too; see how you can at the bottom of the post.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all.  And a special Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and Gram. Continue reading »

May 082012

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and I’ve been thinking about what to send my Mom.  One of the challenges of living so far away, is that it does limit your gift choices somewhat.  It either has to be something that will fit in a box to mail, or that can be delivered by someone else.  Sometimes I’ve sent gift cards; they’re definitely easy to mail, but a tiny bit impersonal for a special holiday.

One great solution is flowers from Teleflora!  Teleflora has dozens of beautiful arrangements that would be perfect for Mother’s Day gift-giving.  You’ll definitely be sure to find something that fits the style and personality of your mom – or any one, for that matter.

Teleflora Fashionista Blooms Bouquet

Teleflora Fashionista Blooms Bouquet

I’ve been trying to decide which I would consider to be my favorite, and it’s been a challenge as they really are all very pretty.  If I had to choose, however, I think the Fashionista Blooms would be the arrangement I’d pick to send my Mom.  I love the raffia and ribbon wrap around the middle and the colors would compliment her kitchen or enclosed porch so nicely.

What about you?  If you were going to order flowers for Mother’s Day, which bouquet would you choose and why?  Feel free to leave a direct link to your choice in the comments below!

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