Mar 082014

These time management tips are sponsored by Domino Sugar and the Mom It Forward network. All thoughts and words are my own.

Waking up is much easier for me now than it was when I was growing up or in college.  I’ve always been a night owl, preferring to sleep in versus going to bed early.  This lead to some hectic mornings when I would try to rush around and get ready for school, class, work, or anything else.

Time Management Tips for a Frenzy Free Morning #FlipTopFrenzyFree

While I do better now, I can only imagine that things will err on the hectic side once again once Bubbles is old enough to start school.  In order to help things along then, I’m doing what I can now to incorporate some time management tips.  I figure if we practice our skills and get on a schedule, it will be an easier transition. Continue reading »