Nov 082013

I received a copy of Monsters University in order to facilitate my review.  All thoughts and words are my own.

One of my favorite movies from Disney and Pixar in the past few years is Monsters, Inc.  They put together a great cast of characters that include the lovable Sulley, the little-bit-high-strung-yet-funny Mike, and the adorable Boo.  And while Roz wasn’t on screen much, her lines made me laugh every single time.

So I was extremely excited when I hear that Disney/Pixar was going to release a prequel to Monsters, Inc. called Monsters University.  Most movie franchises go right to the sequel so I immediately liked that they were taking a different path.  Plus I’ve always wanted a little more of the back story, as Mike and Sulley seemed somewhat unlikely friends.

Just before heading to the L.A. premieres of two other Disney movies my family and I sat down to watch Monsters U together.  Bubbles had already seen Monsters, Inc. a few times and we suspected that she’d be a fan of the new installment, also.  And of course, she was; she sat down and watched the entire thing from start to finish with us.

Monsters University Review

Monsters University Review: Mike Wazowski - Future Scarer

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Jun 162013

I’m pretty sure that my Dad loves Disney almost as much as I do. Starting with our very first trip when I was in 1st grade he went out of his way to make it special for me (much like he went out of his way to make most things in my life special). Later in life, when I left the nest and attended college in Florida, he would drive me down (from Maine) at the start of every school year. He always made sure, though, that we had a chance to swing by Disney before hitting the dorms, though.

So I think he’d very much approve of the below messages from Mike and Sulley and Dusty and Skipper.

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Dec 042012

Monsters University – How Mike & Sulley Met

Disney*Pixar's Monsters University Poster

The newest poster for Monsters University is out and I’ll be honest – it’s getting me even more excited!  The lettermen’s jackets that they are wearing are the same colors as my school colors!  Seeing Mike and Sulley – two of my all-time favorite Disney*Pixar characters – in their “cool dude” pose with their school gear definitely brings me back.

Monsters, Inc. is a movie I could watch every day!  If you’ve never seen it, or if you missed it the first time it was in theaters, your second chance is coming soon!  Monsters, Inc. will return to theaters shown in 3D on December 19th.  We definitely have plans to go.  We need a big-screen experience to tide us over until the June 21st release of Monsters University!

Will you be seeing Monsters, Inc. in theaters this month?