Jun 032013

I was able to strike liquid gold and make our family’s favorite corn chowder recipe as part of a sponsored post by Collective Bias.

I’m not sure if chowder is mostly a New England thing or not, but I do know that I grew up eating a lot of it.  Fish chowder, seafood chowder (full of beautiful, succulent lobster), corn chowder, clam chowder, potato chowder.  If it’s a chowder, it was probably served at least once.  I was surprised, then, that chowder is not a staple in the diet of Kentuckians.

Cheesy Corn Chowder Recipe #VelveetaRecipes

I wanted to introduce my husband’s family to the joys of milk- and cream-based soups and so decided to start with my corn chowder recipe.  When I make them clam, fish, or seafood chowder, I want it to be on a visit to Maine with fresh Maine sea creatures.  My corn chowder is also a little lighter than most others because I use 2% milk (though the bacon might make up for the use of 2%, but hey). Continue reading »