Apr 292015

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I’ve been a “gamer girl” for as long as I can remember.  In the 3rd grade my elementary school let us sign up to bring home the classroom PC every now and then.  I remember playing a fairly basic computer game on a green screen and loving every second of it.

Gamer girl (or guy)? Take your gaming on the go with the AMD FX APU HP Envy Touchsmart Gaming Laptop

Fast forward a few (okay, a lot) of years and games have come a long way.  And so have the specs you need on a decent machine to run most of them.  In a lot of cases, that means having a serious gaming tower if you want to play any of the newer, resource-intensive games. Continue reading »

Jun 192014

This graduation gifts guide is brought to you by Microsoft and SocialMoms. All thoughts and words are my own.

Graduation season is in full swing and will run for the next couple of weeks. Having three graduates in our immediate family – Austin graduating from high school and Ashley graduating from college, and one of my brothers graduating from college, also – graduation gifts have certainly been on my mind.

All of our graduates are in different stages of life which can make it a little harder to come up with just the right gift.  If you’re in the same situation, I’ve put together a gift guide for you to hopefully make it a little easier for you!

Graduation Gifts for the College-Bound

Graduation Gift Ideas: Graduation Gifts for the College Bound

If your graduate is heading off to college, one of the first things they’ll need is a computer.  If you’re going this route, can I suggest a laptop?  When I was in college everyone was still mostly taking notes with a pen and paper, or the occasional voice recording stick, but now a lot of people like to just type them up on their laptop. Continue reading »

Mar 272014

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

You know that there has been some serious basketball-watching going on here over the past few days.  We’ve been chewing our nails (well, at least I have) as we’ve watched our team progress through the last two rounds and are on pins and needles for their game tomorrow night.  Staying glued to the TV anytime the ball is bouncing is pretty much the preferred route to go.

Catch It All During the Basketball Tournament with Best Buy Laptops, Smartphones, HDTVs, and More!  #CatchItAll

Of course, before the whole thing started, we filled out our brackets online.  And, much like everyone else, promptly watched them fall to pieces in the first round thanks to a number of upsets.  It’s actually one of my favorite things about the tournament – at this point in the season, and with so much on the line, anything can happen. Continue reading »