Oct 042013

There are lots of upcoming movie releases, plus the first-even Curious George Halloween special, new TV shows and apps, and more. One show new to DVD is Disney’s Gravity Falls. I’m curious if any of you have watched it and what your opinions are? Leave me a comment and let me know!



Don’t miss the premiere of the new PBS KIDS show PEG + CAT. It kicks off on Monday, October 7th, on your local PBS channel. And just in time for the first episode, you can download the PEG + CAT app, PEG + CAT Big Gig (for iOS and Android).  While singing along to songs and simple melodies from the TV series, kids can practice counting up and down by ones and twos, adding ones, and extending patterns.  Kids can even make their own music with the Sound Check game, where funky music can be recorded and played back. Continue reading »

Sep 272013

 Thanks to Disney for providing us with a copy of “Sofia the First: Ready To Be A Princess” in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions and words are my own.

When Sofia’s Mom marries the King of Enchancia, King Roland, Sofia finds herself living every little girl’s dream: becoming a real Princess.  But she quickly finds out that being a Princess is more than tiaras and fancy dresses (contrary to the belief of her new stepsister Amber).  In Sofia the First: Ready To Be A Princess Sofia continues with her adventures and lessons, striving hard to be the best Princess she can.

Sofia the First: Ready to Be a Princess

Fortunately Sofia has lots of help.  Her non-royal friends from the village still come and visit her, helping to keep her grounded.  And her magic amulet lets her talk to, and be understood by, the animals of the kingdom, all of which are eager to help her out when possible. Continue reading »

Aug 172013

We received a copy of The Adventures of Chuck & Friends Bumpers Up! in order to facilitate our review.  All thoughts and words are my own.

We do a whole lot of princesses and fairies around here, but Bubbles is also a fan of trucks and race cars, too.  She has a little Chuck the Truck that she loves to drive around so I wasn’t surprised that she is a big fan of The Adventures of Chuck & Friends Bumpers Up! DVD that we recently received.

The DVD is packed with ten full episodes.  In them Chuck, along with this friends Digger, Handy, Rowdy, Biggs, Boomer & Flip, learn a lot of lessons and have a lot of fun.  The lessons portion of the show is one of the reasons I like to let Bubbles watch.  There’s a lot of fun children’s entertainment but it isn’t always easy to marry that with positive messaging in a way that will keep kids engaged.

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends Bumpers Up! Continue reading »