Nov 072015

I’ve always appreciated companies that support our military. My grandfather was a WWII vet and many family members are retired or current military. And when Austin decided to join the Army National Guard and become a paratrooper, my respect for groups that give back rose even more.

So I was really excited when Baskin-Robbins reached out and offered to partner on a post to share the news about their Veteran’s Day plans.  They have a few fun things planned for November 11th and I’m looking forward to stopping into our local Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop on Wednesday to participate. Continue reading »

Sep 012014

This post on summer treats is sponsored by Global Influence. All words and opinions are my own.

For some people, hearing the jingly music of an ice cream truck rolling down their street is the epitome of summer.  That’s not a memory I can really share.  Growing up in a rural part of Maine, there were no ice cream trucks that came door to door.

There were a handful of times, however, that I recall being able to partake in that particular rite of passage.  When we would go camping there would sometimes be an ice cream truck that would come rolling around in the evenings.  Once you heard the music, you just hoped you had enough time to scrounge up some change for tasty summer treats before they passed by.

Yummy Unilever Summer Treats at Walgreens

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Aug 082013

This is a sponsored conversation about cream filled cupcakes is written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

One of summer’s greatest pleasures is ice cream.  It’s cool, creamy, refreshing, and – most importantly – delicious.  And now International Delight is helping you take your love for ice cream someplace unexpected – your coffee cup.

The International Delight Cold Stone Creamery line of coffee creamers is now available in three new flavors: Hot for Cookie, Founder’s Favorite, and Churro Caramel.  When I saw them at the store I had a hard time deciding which one to try first, but the swirl of whipped cream topping those cookies looked so good that I had Hot for Cookie had to be my first selection.

After getting it home and trying it in my morning coffee (delish!) I started to think about other ways to enjoy that yummy, melty ice cream flavor..  And then I thought – what goes better with ice cream than just about anything else?  Cake, of course.  And the whipped cream from the bottle gave me an idea.  I love to make cupcakes with a little surprise in the middle, and wouldn’t the surprise of an ice cream cookie sundae when you took a bite be a great one?

Chocolate Cupcakes with Cookie Cream Filling Made with ID Cold Stone Creamery "Hot for Cookie" Creamer #IScream4ID

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