Oct 312011

Happy Halloween!  I hope everyone that is participating in any kind of activity tonight has a fun and safe evening.

If you’re looking for some jokes to tell in the car – or if you want to tell a few as your walking from house to house trick or treating – check out these jokes from Fozzie.  (Yes, we went trick or treating in the car when I was growing up.  Our nearest “neighbor” was about a quarter-mile away, and it just spread out from there.)  Click the image for a larger, printable version.

Muppet Pumpkin Stencil & Jokes for Halloween

And if you still need to do some pumpkin carving, try this Kermit stencil.  The design looks like it would be pretty quick to complete.  If you print it out now (click the image for a printable version that includes instructions) you could be done in less than an hour I would suspect! Continue reading »

Oct 222011

I have to say one of the things I find myself excited about as Baby C. gets older is the upcoming years of doing crafts together.  I loved crafts when I was a kid, and I love them now, but having a little one to do them with not only will add to the enjoyment but will also force me to not make excuses about “not having enough time” and just go do them.

I wanted to share this one with you sooner than Monday; since Halloween is right around the corner I thought if you were interested in making it yourself, then at least you would have this weekend to do it.

I’ve been trying to think of things to do with baby food jars since we have an unending supply around here.  So I thought that little luminary jars would be really cute – and they are! Continue reading »