Jan 272016

The Big Game is getting closer and we’re getting excited!  I’ve been getting stocked up on all the things we need to make some of our favorite game day recipes, like football deviled eggs.  Plus I’ve been making sure we have all our non-food supplies that we’ll need to make game day perfect.

Football Deviled Eggs Recipe and Game Day Traditions

Traditions are a big part of nearly every sport and football is definitely no different.  In fact, I think football fans might have some of the biggest game day traditions of them all.  What you wear, what you eat, where you watch the game – you have a certain pattern for it all.  Thanks to SheSpeaks/P&G for sponsoring this post so I can share mine with you!
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Feb 052012

Yesterday I asked our Facebook fans for suggestions for snacks and other tasty treats for the Big Game today.  I received a few comments that started the wheels in my mind to turning, but still was interested in more options.  So then I decided to check my Pinterest boards to see if I had pinned any ideas; I had a couple, and a quick search turned up even more.  Here are a few that I’d like to make.

Chocolate-Dipped Football Strawberries

I think these would also be a great fundraiser item at a HS game or from the booster club.
Super Bowl Recipes - Strawberries decorated like footballs

Football Deviled Eggs

Around here, it’s not a party without deviled eggs. These are a cute twist!
Super Bowl Recipes - Deviled Eggs shaped like footballs

Individual Veggies & Dip

Don’t forget to include some healthy snacks!
Super Bowl Recipes - Individual Veggie & Dip Cups

Hot Dog Bar

An easy & fun way to serve a traditional favorite (and everyone gets it just the way they like it.)
Super Bowl Recipes - have a hot dog bar

Individual Seven Layer Dip

Love this! Double-dip to your heart’s content.
Super Bowl Recipes - Seven Layer Dip in a shot glass

Football Pull-Apart Cupcakes

There’s a how-to video on the site, too, for those of us visual learners.
Super Bowl Recipes: Cupcakes arranged like a football

Do any of you have a favorite game day/tailgating recipe? Or a recipe that you’re always asked to bring to the Big Game party every year? I’d love to hear about them!