Jun 122013

Thank you to Ford for providing Warriors in Pink gear to help me honor my father on Father’s Day.

The other day I was involved in a conversation about Father’s Day gifts and what we thought was the best gift we’d given.  As I sat and tried to remember the things I’d given my Dad over the years, I realized I couldn’t recall many off the top of my head.  (Note to self: satisfy your curiosity and ask Mom next time I call home.)  I know that last year I got him a gift card to his favorite hardware store (it’s like candy land to him) and I’m sure at some point growing up I gave him a requisite tie or shirt, but other than that, I’m blank.  My husband would probably tell you it’s because I’m getting old and my memory isn’t what it was, but I’m thinking it might be because none of the gifts were memorable.

Ford Cares Warriors in Pink Gear: Warrior Warm-Up for Father's Day

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Jun 082013

Thank you to Squid for providing one of their cool Squidpacks for review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Hi, my name is Liza, and I love to shop.  You do, too?  Oh, good.  Do you mind if I tell my husband so that he realizes that I’m not the only one who would rather wander around Target or the mall than, well, a lot of things?

My favorite shopping, though, is shopping for others.  Really.  Trying to figure out what’s going to amaze my intended recipient is my idea of a fun.  I don’t always knock it out of the park though I have hit a few home runs over the years.  When you see that smile stretch across their face or their mouths drop open in awe, yep, that’s a great feeling.  Made someone’s day.

For those who don’t love to shop, however, gift-giving occasions may fill you with a little bit of apprehension.  Dare I even say dread?  And so with Father’s Day around the corner you may be starting to feel those little hairs on the back of your neck start to stand up with the thought of wandering around a home improvement store hoping that something appropriate will graciously fall off the shelf and into your cart for you.

SquidPack Backpacks Make Great Father's Day Gifts

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Jun 062013

Growing up I recall hearing on many occasions the following sound:

“Argh, argh, argh!”

which was then echoed by “More power!”

You may recognize that as the catch phrase – and grunt – of a certain television handyman.  My father enjoyed watching the show, and I think that’s because he secretly thought that adding more power to pretty much anything was a good idea.  He’s quite a handy guy himself which was useful because when he helped my paternal grandfather and my maternal grandparents run their farms, you have to be ready to put equipment back together at the drop of a hat.

There’s really no reason that more power needs to be relegated solely to lawn mowers, tractors, or grills.  Why not more power for your mouth?  Power in the form of the Oral-B electric toothbrush.  I mean, who doesn’t want to up the game of their current toothbrush and put their best smile forward? Continue reading »

Jun 182012

I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day!

Many times for Father’s Day we grill out, but this year we decided to go with my corn chowder as the main course.  It’s something everyone in the family will eat and we hadn’t made it in a long while.  I always serve crumbled bacon and shredded cheese as chowder toppers, and normally I make some corn bread to go long with it.  Hubby had been in the mood for dinner rolls, though, so we changed it up a little and had those, instead.  The appetizers were also pretty low-key: chips and dip and my hot artichoke dip with crackers.  Sometimes simple is all you need.

Father's Day Dinner

Our decorations were pretty low-key, as well.  I purchased a mixed bouquet of “guy”-looking flowers and arranged them myself in a short, rectangular vase.  I think they turned out nicely.

Father's Day Flowers

I also hung a garland of ties made from scrapbook paper that I found on clearance at one of the craft supply stores for 10 cents per sheet.  Bubbles got hold of it before I could take a picture, though, and after she’d used it to drag around while she danced, it wasn’t very photo-ready.  But it’s a really simple decoration to make. Just sketch out (or use a real tie or a printed template) a tie shape on the back side of the scrapbook paper and cut them out.  Punch a hole in each corner of the “neck” part of the tie and thread some twine (or string or yarn) through and hang!

How did you all celebrate Father’s Day?  Any special crafts, decorations or recipes you’d like to share?