Oct 052013

This post on fall fashion is sponsored by Meijer.  All words and opinions – and fashion sense – are my own.

Fall is here and that means colder temperatures.  After months of being in the 80s and 90s, it’s actually supposed to be pretty cold here the next few days.  That means it’s time to think about putting away the t-shirts and flip-flops and digging out the sweaters and boots.

As much as I love my flip-flops – and I do love my flip-flops – I look forward to switching out my wardrobe and moving into comfy, cozy fall fashions.  Not only do clothes get cozier in material and style, but the color palate changes, too.  As the leaves change more earthy tones seem to abound and I get to wear some of my favorite colors: chocolate browns, cranberry, burnt orange, and others.

I think I’m probably a lot like most women, especially those of us who don’t have a trust fund, in that I keep my closet filled with a lot of basics that are easy to mix and match.  But I do like to add a couple of pieces and a few accessories each season to help me keep current with the trends.  I don’t want it to break the bank, though, so I keep my eyes peeled for great sales on quality items and shop for great accessories at places with great prices to match.  Places like Meijer!

Meijer 2013 Fall Fashion Lookbook #MeijerStyle

Before moving to Kentucky I had never even heard of Meijer.  Once I shopped there a couple of times, though, I was hooked.  They have a large, well-stocked grocery section paired with pretty much anything else you could want – toys, seasonal merchandise, pet supplies, and of course clothes and accessories. Continue reading »

Aug 242013

Thank you to the sponsor for providing a pair of Dansko Elise Sneakers to kick up my fall fashion! All words and opinions are my own.

I’ve always been a bit of a cliche when it comes to shoes in that I love them.  I have spent many an hour wandering around shoe stores, browsing online, and looking through catalogs (how many companies even send out a catalog any more?).  I’m not sure if this is due in part to the fact that at just over 5’0, I’ve always looked to shoes to give me some height so as to not disappear in a crowd (and field a few less “how’s the weather down there?” jokes).

A small problem with my shoe habits, however, is that I tend to fall on the side of “ohmygoshadorable” rather than “wowthesearecomfy”.  I’m not going to lie – in my life I’ve owned more than a few pairs of shoes that never got more than a couple of wears from them because of how badly they hurt my feet.  You can usually tell with a shoe if all it needs is some breaking in, or if nothing on this planet will make them tolerable.

Dansko Elise Sneakers from the Sedona Fall Collection

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