Jan 282014

This post brought to you by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. All opinions are 100% mine.

We’re a little bit over the cold weather here at our house.  It’s definitely had us missing Florida and the “brisk” 40s-50s we usually experienced in the winter down there.  I’ve been daydreaming about us just tossing our things in a suitcase and taking off on a road trip in search of the sun and possibly a little sand.

Honestly, though, if we were going to take a road trip right now, it would probably be north.  I know, right into more cold, what’s up with that?  But it’s actually been warmer in Northern Maine than it has been here some days, and at least they have the right type and amount of snow to both play in and ski on.

New England Road Trip Ideas with Enterprise

When we road trip, we like to rent a vehicle to drive.  It’s nice not to add the wear and tear to our own car, and we get pick out an SUV that has plenty of space for toting around all the supplies needed for a family that includes a toddler.  And renting with Enterprise allows us to Plus our Points through the Enterprise Plus program.  Learn more about it on the Enterprise Plus Your Points promotion website.

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