Oct 192014

Sometimes, really funny things come out of my daughter’s mouth.  Not that, based on the serious look on her face, she intends them to be funny.  She just can’t help but make me giggle.

The other day she comes sauntering into the bedroom while I was folding laundry.  One little balled-up fist went to each hip and she struck a “power pose”.  “Hey Mama, look.  I’m a Super Hero Butterfly.”

Super Me Backpack Transforms Kids Into a Super Hero

And, indeed, she was.  She had on the butterfly mask that I wore last Halloween, plus her Super Me Bubblicious Cape backpack on.  She proceeded to show me some of her super powers which included running really fast; I was disappointed that speed-folding laundry isn’t something a Butterfly Super Hero can do. Continue reading »

Sep 012013

We received an Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Super Soaking Water Blaster in order to facilitate our review.  All words and opinions are my own.

We’re coming into the last of the dog days of summer and, at least around here, they are making quite the impression.  The temperatures in the mid- to high-90s for the past few days, and when you walk outside you feel like you’ve accidentally stepped into a sauna.  It’s not really stay-outside-and-play-all-day weather, which isn’t easy to explain to a toddler.

Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Super Soaking Water Blaster

When we do get outside we look for ways to stay cool while having fun.  There’s been a lot of splash time in Bubbles’ pool and even some good ol’ fashioned spraying of the hose.  And recently there has been some fun with the Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Super Soaking Water Blaster. Continue reading »

Jun 242013

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Polly Pocket.  I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.  All opinions are my own.

Growing up I didn’t play with a ton of dolls, but I do remember having a few Polly Pocket toys.  I love that it’s a brand that’s still around today so Bubbles will have the fun of playing with them, also.  Sharing with her the favorite activities and products of my own childhood has been one of my favorite parts of toddler-hood.  It’s fun to see where our interests cross and diverge.

Polly Pocket Polly Fashion Collection #PollyPocket

The Polly Pocket Fashion Collections are one of her favorites.  The outfits are made from this very stretchy material which lets her easily change their clothes, showing off her creative toddler fashions.  They’re also super-portable so my aspiring fashonista can play with them wherever we go.  It’s fun to listen to her choose Polly’s next outfit and adventure.  I’ll hear “purple dress first… blue boots next… purse…  Now we go swimming!” Continue reading »