Sep 252013

I know it sounds like one of those “walked to school, uphill both ways, in the snow” kinds of stories, but compared to today’s television and entertainment options, what I grew up with was like living in the stone age.  We received exactly four – yes, four – stations on our TV.

We didn’t live in the woods; we actually lived right on the main road, had neighbors, and were only about 5 miles from “downtown”.  But for some reason the cable company stopped running cable about five houses away from us.  And that was before the days of satellites that mounted on the corner of your roof, so we were kind of out of luck.

Our four channels included two Canadian broadcast stations, which meant I got to watch a lot of the shows typically shown on the BBC.  I developed a real appreciation of their programming; dry British humor still can cause me to laugh and gasp for air today.  So when there’s nothing good on cable these days, we generally turn to the BBC or other British TV stations for a great new show to watch.

Detective Drama Midsomer Murders

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