Jul 142013

This Santa Belly Ornament is so cute, you’ll want to make a whole set of them to give to friends and family.  You may have even seen them on Pinterest. Some people I know do themed trees or multiple trees to decorate with, and if you have a Santa-only tree you’ll want a few of these, for sure.  They’re fairly fast and easy to complete, and with the tips I can share through my own trial and error, you’ll have no trouble at all.

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Jul 072013

More snowmen (and more to come)!  As I mentioned on my bottle cap post, I love snowmen crafts.  These little guys and gals might look like they’d take awhile to make but they’re surprisingly fast to assemble (I found my inspiration for these on Pinterest).

Snowmen Crafts: Mini Clay Pot Snowmen #CIJ13

They make great little decorations to tuck on a shelf or desk.  I can also see making up a few as placeholders at a Christmas dinner party, and if you’re an elementary school teacher your class could make them to decorate your room in the winter. Continue reading »

Jul 032013

When I was growing up we always left cookies and milk for Santa.  We also left carrots for the reindeer; I mean, they have to do a lot of work, too, flying all night.  I was always worried they’d get really hungry!  My parents assured me that they loved carrots and that they were good for their eyesight.

One group that I didn’t really think of as a child were the elves.  I’m not sure how they didn’t cross my mind, but they didn’t.  But they really shouldn’t go hungry, either.  So with Bubbles I’ll be starting the tradition of leaving out tiny little snacks for them, something like these cute elf donuts.  I also made a special little box to serve them in, that’s shaped like a gift.  Both are easy to make.

Elven Gift Box with Frosted Elf Donuts

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Jul 022013

When I was in middle school or so, the women in our family would sometimes set aside Thanksgiving afternoon as Christmas crafting time.  After the guys retired to the living room for naps and football my Aunt would set out the project she had selected for us.  We did gift bags, ornaments, snowmen made from socks, and lots of other stuff.

DIY Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament Craft #CIJ13

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Jul 012013

Most of you know how much I love Christmas.  And Pinterest.  I sit and pin things – crafts, recipes, DIY, gift ideas, etc. – all year long.  Tear ideas out from magazines and toss them in my Christmas file folder.  By the time I’m done I have dozens, if not hundreds, of awesome projects laid out for myself.

And then Christmas comes.

Christmas in July - 31 Days of Crafts, Recipes, DIY, Gift Ideas & More

The season is my favorite time of year but it’s so busy.  There are parties and services, shopping and envelope-addressing, cooking and baking (and eating!).  And of course we want to carve out time for special activities and events to make memories for our children and family.  Who has time to make those cute snowmen or make a ribbon tree?

I found that I didn’t, and that I was a little disappointed that all these great ideas were just sitting there gathering dust.  So I decided that it would be fun to make some of these things ahead so they’re ready to go during the holidays.  For the recipes, at least I’ll know what ones turned out well and which ones didn’t so I don’t waste any of my baking time later.

Whether you choose to work on any of these projects now or just pin them for the holidays, I hope you enjoy my 31 Days of Christmas Crafts, DIY, Recipes & More.

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What is your favorite creative Christmas project?