Mar 142013

Pie Recipes for Pi Day via

Pie Recipes for Pi Day

Today is March 14th.  I know, not really much of an announcement is it?  But… it kind of is.  Because you can also write the date like 3.14 or even 3/14.  When you look at it that way you may recognize those numbers.  They are the first three numbers of pi (3.14159, approximately) which is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s diameter (hello, high school geometry, I have not missed you).

I’m sorry if you fell asleep there for a moment.  But now let’s wake back up and talk about food!  Because pi the number is pronounced the exact same way as pie the food.  And pie is delicious.  So some creative person in history said “Hey, why don’t we celebrate Pi Day with, you know, pie?”  Smart idea!

I have a pie recipe I had hoped to share with you today but Bubbles has kept me quite busy all day and it just didn’t happen.  So I’ll have it for you tomorrow or this weekend.  In the meantime, however, here are a few yummy pie recipes both from fellow bloggers as well as some Pinterest finds. Continue reading »