Aug 272012

Favorite board books for toddler.

15 Fun Board Books Great For Young Toddlers

We’ve been lucky that Bubbles has enjoyed books and reading practically since birth.  She loves to climb up with Mommy or Daddy and have us read her a book or five, often with multiple readings of each book.  She is also equally content to sit and “read” on her own.  Recently I observed her sitting with one of her “lift the flap” books where you’re trying to find a certain item, and as she lifted each flap, she’d shake her head and say “no” for each incorrect answer.  It was pretty cute to watch.

We’re also fortunate that she has a very thorough library; we received a number of books from her baby showers, and we add to her collection on a regular basis.  I loved books as a child and so it’s hard for me to resist buying when I spot a cute one.  Some of them she has enjoyed more than others, so I thought I would share a list of 15 of our favorite board books.  Most of them are ones that Bubbles brings to us daily, if not multiple times per day.  If you know of anyone expecting, a few of these would make a lovely gift! Continue reading »