Sep 232013

Last week we traveled to Maine to surprise my Grandmother for her 85th birthday.  We surprised more than her – only my parents and brothers knew we were coming.  It was a lot of fun to contact different family members and friends and say “oh, hi!  We’re here!”.

We were only gone for a short time so we left the laptop at home.  I had scheduled a few posts for you all while I was gone, but apparently the scheduler also decided to go on vacation.  You’ll see those posts come through over the next few days.

Our Trip to Maine

Waiting to get on the airplane with her buddy Bunny-Bunny.

Bubbles was an excellent traveler.  She clearly loves flying.  Apparently watching that episode of the Bubble Guppies where they went on the airplane was a good idea because when the engines came on, instead of being scared, she went down the checklist of what the plane needed to fly: engine, wings, and wheels.  The guy sitting behind us commented that he definitely hoped that our plane had all three. Continue reading »