Oct 292013

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Social Moms and Tai Pei.  All words and thoughts are my own.

Up until I was a sophomore in high school, I would have told you that I didn’t like Chinese food.  I know, right?  For most of my tween and early teen years I was what you might call a picky eater.  At that point I hadn’t even tried anything from a Chinese menu – other than French fries – but I was sure I wouldn’t like it.

Then my friends and I participated in a scavenger hunt contest and won a gift certificate to a local Chinese restaurant.  I went planning to eat some fries and instead was talked into trying a few things from the buffet.  To my surprise, there were a number of things that I enjoyed: fried rice, sweet & sour chicken, beef & broccoli.

Tai Pei and Tai Pei Asian Garden Chinese Food Frozen Meals #TaiPeiFood

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Oct 082013

This dipping oil recipe was inspired by products received from Pompeian and Smiley360.  All words and thoughts are my own.

It may sound funny, but I threw my first serious dinner party when I was in high school.  I set the table nicely with linens, candles, and a centerpiece and served up four courses – appetizers, salad, entree, and dessert – to five of my closets friends.  It was a lot of fun – even considering the fact that the guys ended up playing swords with the crunchy rosemary bread sticks and then attempted to light them using the candles.

Gotta love teenage boys.

Being a hostess has always come naturally for me, and even when I’m only “entertaining” my own family, I like to try and make our meals as nice as possible.  Yes, we do take out now and then, and sometimes dinner comes out of the freezer.  But if I can carve the extra time out of the day, I like to add little extras whenever I can.

Bread Dipping Oil Recipe

One “extra” that I like to serve is bread with dipping oil.  Bread has always been a highlight of a meal for me; I’m sure it goes back to baking bread in the kitchen with my Gram while I was growing up.  But after the first time my bread was paired with dipping oil and herbs at a restaurant one night, I’ve made it as a pre-dinner nosh a few times per year. Continue reading »

Sep 302013

I was able to create a new Mini Chicken Chimichangas appetizer recipe using Kraft Fresh Take as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias.  All words and opinions are my own.

I love experimenting in the kitchen.  At least a few times per week you can find me in the kitchen trying completely new recipes I find on Pinterest, duplicating something delicious I tried at a party, or giving our family favorites a little twist.

We frequently went out for Mexican food when we lived in Florida, but those restaurants don’t abound quite as much in Kentucky.  Because we missed those foods I started trying my hand at different entrees that we had regularly ordered: quesadillas, enchiladas, churros, chimichangas and more.  The chimichangas turned out particularly well and earned a regular place in our monthly meal rotation.

Mini Chimichanga Appetizer Recipe Using Kraft Fresh Take Kits #FreshTake #shop

Recently while shopping at Walmart I noticed the Kraft Fresh Take kits in the cheese section.  We’ve used them in the past to change up our baked chicken or pork chops, but that day I had chimichangas on the brain.  It made me look at the packaging a little differently, wondering if I could use it to spice up our Mexican night. Continue reading »

Jun 192013

Thank you to Kettle Brand for sponsoring this Chip-Crusted Hot Artichoke Dip Recipe.

I love experimenting in the kitchen.  Many times when I try a recipe I’ll try it the way it’s written the first time or two, but then I like to make changes to suit my family’s tastes.  One area that I generally don’t mix things up, though, is when it comes to favorite recipes that have been passed down from family members.

Hot Artichoke Dip is one of those recipes.  It’s something my husband’s aunt makes for every family gathering and it’s delicious.  As in, seriously addictive, can-I-please-just-stand-next-to-the-dish-with-a-spoon kind of good.  So I was thankful when she gave me a copy of her recipe so that we didn’t have to wait as long for the next opportunity to indulge.

Chip-Crusted Hot Artichoke Dip #TheRealKettleChips

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Feb 072012
My husband’s aunt makes a great Hot Artichoke Dip that she serves at Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special occasions.  It’s one of my favorite snacks and I’d been craving it lately.  So I got the recipe from her and made it on Sunday for us to snack on while we watched the football game.  (I would have shared it with you on Sunday, but I couldn’t find the USB cord for my camera.)
Here’s the recipe for you; you can put it together quickly, and then just throw it in the oven an hour before you’d like to serve it.