Feb 032013

Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Toddler Birthday Party Ideas: part of the Turning 2 Toddler Birthday Celebration

Bubbles is turning two this month and I can’t believe it.  It honestly seems like the other day that she fit in the nook of my arm; now when I pick her up and we’re eye-to-eye, her toes dangle against my knees.  Every day she surprises us with a new phrase. activity, item, or look.  This month in the Turning 2 Toddler Birthday Celebration I’ll be sharing a lot of great things that she loves that I think other toddlers will enjoy.

Before the month gets too far away from me I’m trying to decide on a birthday theme for her party.  Pocoyo is favorite character but the merchandise for it is almost non-existent and I haven’t been able to find any party supplies.  So we’re looking at other options.  She takes after her Mama and is a little Disney girl which makes something Disney a top choice.  She loves Minnie Mouse, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show, Tinker Bell, and the princesses (she can name them all, with Rapunzel and Ariel being two of her favorites).  Here are some of the cute party ideas for a Minnie Mouse party I’ve found so far. Continue reading »

Mar 262012

 Pinterest Pins From A to Z

I’m excited to be participating in “Pin From A-Z” with some other great bloggers.  We’re going to be taking you through the entire alphabet courtesy of Pinterest (or Pinterest-friendly images).

I have the letter C.  C is a great letter – it’s what starts Christmas, crafts, children, cooking, cupcakes, college sports, cheese… well, lots of awesome things.

Let’s start with a double-dose of “C”: Christmas Crafts

DIY Decorative Christmas Clothesline Craft

Pinterest From A to Z

DIY Our 1st Christmas Wedding Invitation Ornament

Pinterest From A to Z

100 Christmas Crafts

Pinterest From A to Z

Continue reading »

Jan 122012

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Matter of Cents and I are pleased to bring you Week 3 of our Pin Me! Pinterest posts (say that three times fast).  This week’s theme is Winter Weather.
Winter in Kentucky doesn’t compare to winter in Maine in terms of severity.  While we’re supposed to get 2-4 inches here over the course of tomorrow and Friday, I’ve seen 12-14 inches (and then some) fall in the same time frame in Maine.
Not going to lie.  I prefer the accumulation here.
But there’s something so peaceful and so beautiful about a fresh snowfall.  It’s a silence that you can’t describe unless you experience it yourself.  And the way trees look draped after the first storm – so pretty.  Here are a few of my favorite pins that highlight winter weather (including one from my hometown!).
This little guy loves the snow, too!
(It’s so entertaining to watch animals try and figure the white stuff out.)

I loved making snow sculptures when I was a kid – but nothing this great!
(We had a snow sculpture contest every year in high school.  My class never won.)

And who doesn’t love building a snowman?
(I remember building an entire village of Smurf snow-people one winter when I was like six – no lie.  Blue spray paint and everything!)

After the season’s first snowfall in Maine.
(Isn’t this pretty?  For Mainiacs, it’s just not Christmas without snow.)

I’d love to walk down this street!
(This reminds me a little of the first few Narnia scenes in the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe.)

Speaking of the Narnia movies…
(The wonderment of winter through the eyes of a child – in this case, Lucy.)

Would you like to share your take on Winter Weather? Please link up below! We’d love for you to add a link to this post and the one at Matter of Cents, if you would, please. Please add your link below so everyone can see your favorite winter weather pics!

Jan 102012

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I shared last week that one of my goals for this year is to get more crafty.  So I’ve been spending some time on Pinterest collecting a few of my favorite crafts so I can stock up on supplies.  Then as I find some time this month, I can start on them.  Here are a few of my favorites.  If you have a craft that you’ve made this week, or one on your to-do list for this month, please feel free to link up at the bottom of the post.
For Baby C.’s Room (Not yet 100% sure which one I like best. Thoughts?)

Candles – These would be great for parties and centerpieces
Easy Magnets! How cute would these be with small pieces of the kiddos’ artwork?
Phrases – Love for Valentine’s, Lucky for St. Patrick’s Day, Your Family’s Last Name – Lots of Ideas

Nov 292011

I forgot this weekend to pick up the supplies that I needed for the craft I wanted to make this week, so today’s Make at Home Monday is a collection of great Christmas Craft pins I found on Pinterest.  Next week I’ll have my supplies and I’ll be sharing a craft for the readers in your lives (maybe on your shopping lists?).

Salt Dough Family Thumbprint Christmas Tree 
Clay Pot Snowmen
“Grinch” Pills

Tree Garland
Baby Food Jar Snowmen
Cinnamon Ornaments (I’ve made these before; they’re easy and smell great!)

Do you have any Christmas crafts you’d like to share?