Nov 232015

Over the next few months you’re likely to host friends and family for a number of different occasions.  We definitely love opening our door to guests though the germs that sneak in with them aren’t quite as welcome.

Create a care basket for your holiday guests, stocked with tissues, antibacterial gel, aspirin and more so that you can share memories without sharing germs

An easy way to help your guests avoid passing germs around while still getting to enjoy each other’s company, is to create an easy Holiday Guest Station in your home.  I keep ours loaded up with anything that drop-in guests could possibly need or want while they’re visiting.  It’s in addition to the House Guest Welcome Baskets that I make up for any guests staying overnight at our home. Continue reading »

Nov 202015

This is a partnered post with Amwell. Opinions and experiences are my own.

Not too long after Bubbles was born, my husband got sick.  I don’t really remember what it ended up being, but I do remember the frustration we all felt.  He didn’t feel well enough to drive himself the doctor, and we really didn’t want to take Bubbles to an office full of sick people.

Face to face doctor's visits from the comfort of your home with Amwell

In the end either Ashley or one of his friends ended up driving him, but I remember wishing at the time that house calls were still available.  And now I’ve found something even better than a house call: Amwell consultations. Continue reading »

Jun 272015

This post on sun safety tips is a partnered post with Xperio. All opinions are my own.

It’s National Sunglasses Day and I thought it was an appropriate time to discuss sun safety tips for protecting your eyes.  Most of us remember to put sunscreen on to protect our skin, and then don’t give another thought to our eyes.

Sun Safety Tips for Protecting Your Eyes and Vision

But prolonged exposure to the sun without protection can cause cataracts, macular degeneration and a number of other eye problems, including sunburn on the surface of the eye and skin cancer around the eyes.  With about 3 million people going blind each year from prolonged UV exposure, it’s something we all should think about daily. Continue reading »

May 212015

Thank you to Orajel™ Kids for giving me the opportunity to share ways to make tooth brushing for preschoolers more fun.

Some of the first words out of my daughter’s mouth each morning upon waking is “Can I brush my teeth now?”.  There was a time when she wanted nothing to do with brushing her teeth or to even let me do it for her, so it makes this mama happy that she is finally enjoying it and actually wants to brush.

Making Tooth Brushing for Preschoolers Fun

If you’re looking for ways to make tooth brushing for preschoolers more fun, here are a few suggestions. Continue reading »

May 122015

This post and gum health tips are brought to you by Sverve. All opinions and words are my own.

Recently I read a startling statistic: about half of Americans age 30 and older have gum disease.  Considering that gum health plays an important role in your overall health, that’s kind of a scary number.  Gum disease has been associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes, as well as having a low-weight baby or premature birth.  And if you already have any of those conditions, it can make it harder to control the disease.

The ABCs of Gum Health

With Ashley being Type 1 the word diabetes always grabs my attention when I’m reading.  And now that Sam & Abby (as well as two other cousins that recently announced) are pregnant, anything pregnancy-related tends to catch my eye, too, so this is something that really stood out to me. Continue reading »