Oct 172016
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PJ Masks is one of my daughter’s newest favorite shows.  In fact, Owlette was a serious contender for her Halloween costume this year.

Free Printable PJ Masks Halloween Party Invitations

If you’re not familiar with PJ Masks show it’s about three friends – Connor, Amaya and Greg – who are each 6-years-old.  By day, they go to school like everyone else.  But at night they become Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, heroes who swoop into action solving mysteries that arise during the day.

And what’s a hero without an adversary?  Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja are consistently putting the three heroes to the test, committed to causing trouble – like stealing all the toys from the toy store – but always managing to leave a clue behind.  Clues that let the three heroes engage in problem-solving and team work as they right the wrongs.

Download the instructions to make your own DIY PJ Masks Costumes perfect for Halloween!

As I mentioned the Owlette costume was definitely on Bubbles’ short list for Halloween this year.  Unfortunately, due to popularity I’m guessing, we weren’t able to track one down in her size.  If you’re having similar troubles finding Owlette, Catboy, or Gekko then you can make your own PJ Masks DIY costumes.

They require simple supplies like felt, glue, elastic, and card stock or poster board.  Things you probably have at home or are very inexpensive to pick up from the store.

Free printable PJ Masks Halloween Party thank you cards

There’s lots of other Halloween fun available, too.  You’ll find a step-by-step guide for making PJ Masks Cupcakes for Halloween, a printable PJ Masks “wrap” for your Trick or Treat bucket, a printable bunting for your party, and party invitations and thank you cards.  Everything your little ones will need for plenty of fun.

If you have a Gekko, Catboy, and Owlette fan at home definitely head over to the PJ Masks Halloween hub and download the free printables and tutorials while they’re still available.

Which PJ Masks character is your child’s favorite?

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