May 032016
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If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, then you may have noticed that for me, shopping and getting a good deal go hand in hand.  Scouting out sales, getting a great online promo code, or finding a printable coupon to match with an in-store sale – I love all that stuff.

Find the best coupons, promo codes, and deals everyday at Dealspotr

I have partnered with Dealspotr to bring you this post.

Know what else I like?  Rewards for things I’m already doing.  Loyalty programs with my favorite merchants, credit cards that give you cash back, a free coffee after you’ve purchased ten.  Any of those little gestures from companies get a thumb’s up in my book.

I didn’t know those two things could go together, but it turns out they can. I found that out a couple of weeks ago when the folks at Dealspotr approached me about their ambassador program. If you’re not familiar with Dealspotr (I wasn’t), it’s kind of like a social sharing site for deals.

Find a great coupon, sale or other deal and upload it to the Dealspotr site.  Fairly standard, right?  Well, here’s where Dealspotr gets different (and awesome): sharing those deals will earn you points, and you can redeem those points for Amazon gift cards.

Earn Amazon gift cards for sharing deals on Dealspotr!

There are lots of other ways to earn points, too.  “Spot” a deal that you think is going to be really popular, and if you’re right you’ll earn extra points.  Complete your daily checklist (things like following people, commenting on posts, and sharing deals) and you’ll get an extra 200 points.

Some rewards programs tend to take awhile before you have enough points for anything.  But after less than a week I had already earned my first $10 Amazon gift card.  To me, that’s really great.  On top of that I found some great deals I would have otherwise missed out on, like a free case of iced tea from Meijer and a sale on lotion from Victoria’s Secret that was perfect to use the gift card I had laying around.

Find the best coupons, promo codes, and deals everyday at Dealspotr

So in a nutshell, here are the main reasons I’m loving Dealspotr:

  • Deals are easy to find.  There are lots of filters and search methods (hot, on fire, listed by store, etc.) to find just what you’re looking for.
  • Current promo codes!  Finding a great promo code, but then discovering that it’s expired is frustrating.  Dealspotr encourages their community to flag expired, misleading, or non-functioning deals to keep the site current (and you can earn points for flagging them, too).
  • Easy to earn rewards.  A $10 Amazon gift card in less than a week is pretty fast, in terms of rewards programs.  If you kept that pace up for a year, that’s over $500 in gift cards.  Spend them on some of those great deals you find!

To help you earn your first reward faster, I am giving you each 5,000 points when you create your account.  Just use invite code lmc502 and you’re on your way.

Find the best coupons, promo codes, and deals everyday at Dealspotr

Please feel free to follow me over on Dealspotr so you can find my deals quickly.  I’d also love to follow you back!  Leave me the link to your Dealspotr profile down in the comments and I will be sure to follow your account and check out your deals, too.

What kind of deals will you search for on Dealspotr?

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