Mar 242016
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Thank you to The Motherhood and Kimberly-Clark for partnering with me to bring you this printable cleaning chart for preschoolers.

Bubbles loves to help around the house.  She knows where we keep the duster and often just gets it and asks if she can dust.  And if she hears the dryer buzz when it’s finished, she races me there so she can help fold clothes.

How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun for the Whole Family

The past couple of weeks we’ve had a few days of beautiful weather mixed in with some rainy cold ones.  When the sun has been out, we’ve been out with it getting a jump on our spring cleaning.  As Bubbles, of course, has wanted to be involved in that, too, I looked for a way to make it easier for her to participate.

Spring Cleaning Chart

She’s reading a few words so far, but not enough to read a traditional cleaning chart. So I decided to make a visual cleaning chart where she could see which jobs were hers and work on them, as my husband and I worked on our own tasks.

Printable Spring Cleaning Chart for Preschoolers

I also made a second chart that we can use as she learns to read more words.  You can either print multiple copies and use it each time you want to provide your kids with chores, or you could laminate it and write in a new task each time.  Kids can make a big checkmark in the box when they’ve finished each task.  Click on either image to download or print.

Printable Spring Cleaning Chart for Kids

Some tasks that preschoolers can probably handle on their own include:

  • Dusting
  • Picking up toys
  • Washing windows
  • Wiping off counters
  • Sweeping
  • Throwing away trash
  • Putting away clean laundry
  • Cleaning baseboards
  • Declutter

To make it even more fun for your kiddos consider playing some upbeat music while everyone cleans.  Even as an adult, I find it more fun to clean when I’m jamming out to my favorite tunes.  A Spring Cleaning Dance Party might be the perfect way to escort the dust bunnies out of your house.

Spring Cleaning Tips from Kimberly-Clark and Walmart

I stocked up on my spring cleaning supplies this year at Walmart.  They have great prices right now on some of our favorite paper products like Viva® Towels, Cottonelle® and Scott®.  Hubs usually requests Viva by name; their towels are strong and cloth-like.  I like Viva Vantage for deep cleaning, because it has a scrubby texture.  And regular Viva towels are perfect for windows, countertops, and baseboards.

When we’re done our spring cleaning this year, we’ll be celebrating by heading out as a family for some ice cream.  You could also let kids earn an individual prize for completing their cleaning chart.  Working towards a goal is both fun and motivating.

What are your tips for keeping spring cleaning fun?

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  1. I won’t lie… I love a good cleaning session and this looks like a fun way to get the littles involved! Thanks for posting!

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