Mar 182015
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Thank you to My Body Village for sponsoring this post on healthy habits. Making it fun keeps the kiddos engaged!

It’s hard to tell in some parts of the country – you know, the ones that just got an extra foot or so of snow in the last week or two – but spring is starting to bloom around us.  A lot of people use the onset of warmer weather as a way to renew the resolutions that have waned since the New Year.

Weekly healthy habits challenges from My Body Village - This week's challenge is to play a board game!

If your family could use a little nudge to get on track with their own healthy habits, My Body Village has some fun weekly challenges to help you out.  Each week focuses on a different organ and a way to help make it healthy or exercise it.  For example, this week’s challenge is from Raymond Brain, and he wants you to play a family board game.

The site is authored by Justin Noble, a children’s book author and certified nutrition coach.  Along with each of the free weekly challenges he shares, there’s also a small lesson about fitness, nutrition or the way the human body works.  He does it in a fun way, too, as each organ is a character (like Steven Stomach and the aforementioned Raymond Brain) that has their own activity sheets, coloring pages, and more.

Track your weekly challenge on the My Body Village log and you could earn prizes!

If your kiddos are goal-oriented, you can even download a copy of the Weekly Challenge Log.  By tracking your participation you can earn points; once you’ve earned a minimum of 50 points, you can mail your sheet in and receive a small prize (save up more points for bigger prizes).  It’s kind of a win-win: you get to enjoy the activity itself, plus work towards a larger goal, too.

The challenges have all seemed easy to achieve.  As I mentioned, this week’s challenge was to play a board game, and last week’s challenge was to eat an orange (Kerry and Kelly Kidney really enjoy them).  Little quick-hits like this will make incorporating these healthy habits into your family’s routine seem like second nature.

What healthy habits are your family’s favorite?

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