Jan 152015
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Just thinking about Jake & The Neverland Pirates the fun theme song pops into my mind.  Sometimes a song getting in your head like that isn’t a great thing, but when it’s Jake it’s awesome.  It puts a little bounce in your step and a smile on your face.

Disney Junior's Jake and the Neverland Pirates Battle for the Book - comes with a fun (free!) checkerboard bandana game and tokens right in the case.

Jake and his friends are characters we really enjoy.  In fact the LeapFrog LeapTV Disney Jake and The Never Land Pirates game has become Bubbles very favorite to play on our LeapTV. And, of course, we watch on Disney Junior.

Jake and The Neverland Pirates Battle for the Book

So when our friends at Disney asked if we’d like to check out a copy of Jake and The Neverland Pirates Battle for the Book DVD I said “Yo ho, let’s go!”.  Well, maybe I didn’t respond exactly like that, because someday Bubbles will grow up and I don’t want her friends to be all, “Oh, your Mom is the crazy Disney lady.”  (Though as often as Bubbles will call the room to a halt to watch a Disney commercial and shout “I want to go to Disney” I may not have to worry about her embarrassment.)

Download free Disney printables! Jake And The Neverland Pirates Battle for The Book printable activity pages and games

Jake and The Neverland Pirates Battle for the Book is a fun DVD.  But before we get to the content, just opening the package provides you with some extra fun.  It includes a cute bandana printed with a checkerboard plus ‘checkers’ to play with.  One set of the checkers are gold and have Jake, Izzy and Cubby; the other set is silver and has Hook and Tick-Tock the crocodile.  Very fun!

The DVD itself runs for 141 minutes and includes the title full length feature “Battle for the Book” plus four other, shorter episodes.  In “Battle for the Book” Jake and his crew head to London to help Wendy (from Peter Pan).  Her Storybook has been stolen by Hook, and the longer it’s gone, the more she forgets about her time in Never Land.

One of the things I love most about the Disney Junior shows is how they tie these newer characters in with classic tales. There are quite a few episodes were Peter Pan is mentioned or pops in (even if it’s just his shadow) and it always makes me smile seeing my childhood and Bubbles childhood meld. If your kiddos haven’t seen the classic Peter Pan movie yet, this would be a great gateway into showing it.

The other four episodes include Treasure Of The Pirate Mummy’s Tomb/Mystery Of The Missing Treasure, Pirate Genie Tales, Captain Gizmo/Jake’s Pirate Swap Meet, and Sleeping Mermaid/Jake’s Mega-Mecha Sword.

Which Jake and The Neverland Pirates episode is your favorite?

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