Dec 242014
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of izon, the WiFi camera line powered by Stem Innovation. All opinions are 100% mine.

Growing up we never locked the doors to our house.  Honestly, we really couldn’t lock the doors to our house half the time because we didn’t always even know where the key was.  #TrueStory

izon view and izon 2.0 WiFi Cameras

Back then, the worst that was likely to happen was a bear might wander into the garage or wind up on the porch, or our neighbor Chappy might stop in and decide to redecorate for us.  Like the time we came home to find all the upstairs furniture downstairs, and vice versa.  #AlsoTrueStory

(A side note: my parents do now lock the doors so don’t get any crazy ideas.)

Times have changed, though, and while we live in a nice neighborhood, it’s not exactly the same as life in a small, rural town.  We do lock the doors when we leave, even if it’s just to drive a mile to the grocery store.  And when we head out on a day trip or longer vacation I do worry about the security of our home.

izon camera contents

With our new izon camera – a WiFi camera that provides real-time video – I feel much more secure.  At only 5″ tall and weighing less than half a pound, this little powerhouse will send video of your home or business directly to your smartphone.  So no matter where you, no matter what time of day, you can always have eyes on what’s important to you.

izon WiFi Camera sets up easily, just connect it to your iPhone app

Other than using it as an izon home monitor I can think of a few other great uses for the WiFi cam.  For example Ashley recently adopted Zipper an adorable cat.  While she is at work during the day, it would be awesome for her to be able to tap open the app on her phone and take a peek as to what he was up to (and may also provide some much-needed midday laughs at his silly antics).

izon WiFi Camera sets up easily, just connect it to your iPhone app

So izon pet cam?  Absolutely.  But the uses don’t end there. What about the other little members of your family?

izon camera is compact enough to place on a windowsill


I’m talking about those sweet babies and kiddos!  Pop one in your little one’s room and keep an eye on them and their surroundings at all times.  In addition to just watching video real-time you can use the app to set alerts: the camera will alert you if it detects sound, motion, or both.  So if baby is fussy or moving around you’ll know.

Screen grab of the live-feed from the izon camera

The app supports more than one camera, too, so you can get one for the baby’s room, one for your small business, one to watch the front door.  That front door idea is kind of huge to me.  Not only for checking in while you’re gone, but if you happen to live alone (especially you single ladies) and you might want to make sure your door is safe before coming in late at night.

So many options!  Personal security, pet cam, home business security and as the izon baby monitor.  I am really loving mine and will likely be ordering additional cameras and gifting some, too.  Get more information on the izon camera and Buy Here!

How or where would you use an izon camera?

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