Dec 172014
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Choosing gifts for little kids can be harder than you might think.  I mean, yes, there are plenty of toys around.  And there are no shortage of commercials causing kiddos to shout “I want that!”.  But how much is hype and how much is true interest?

Checking out the Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid at the Walmart Toyland Chosen By Kids event
This Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid post is brought to you by Sverve. All words and opinions are my own.

A couple of weeks ago I shared that I was heading to the Walmart Toyland event at our local Walmart.  They had some of this year’s hot toys available for hands-on play.  Bubbles was excited to try her hand at a few different products, and as a Mom I appreciated being able to judge her reaction and see which ones she gravitated towards.

Getting a demo of the Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid at the Walmart Toyland Chosen By Kids event

There was a remote control car, a fun paint machine, dolls – a nice variety.  Out of all of them, though, the item that most kept Bubbles’ attention was the Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid.  I wasn’t surprised at all – she would blow bubbles all day long if you’d let her (not where her nickname came from, but fitting for sure!).

The Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid in action

I have to admit that the Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid is pretty fun.  Dip her mermaid tail “fins” in bubble solution and pull the cord.  The fins then spin, causing a shower of bubbles.  What’s not to love?

Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid is truly Chosen By Kids!

After playing with the toys – and getting an “Official Toy Tester” sticker which she hasn’t let me take off her jacket – we wandered the toy aisles.  I let her look over all the toys and she still went back to the Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid.  Clearly when they say the toys were Chosen By Kids, they were right!

Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid

Because it was really close to Christmas I told Bubbles that we would have to wait and see if Santa wanted to drop off Barbie.  When she wasn’t paying attention, though, I dropped it into our cart.  I can’t wait to see her face (and, of course, take the obligatory mommy-video) when she opens it!

To whom would you give a Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid?

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  5 Responses to “See Why the Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid is #ChosenByKids”

  1. This doll is very unique and fun. Barbies sure have advanced since I was a little girl.

  2. This barbie looks like so much fun! you did a great job capturing the bubbles. My girls would love to get this for Christmas!!

  3. We just got this doll and my girls love it.

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  5. My daughter would have loved this when she was younger…. what a cool toy.

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