Dec 152014
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Bubbles has been asking to get a dog for about a year now.  Being a dog person myself – my parents got a puppy a few weeks before I came home with them and from then until I graduated college, we almost always had a dog.  So selling me on the merits of a ball of fur is not all that hard.

Meet The Happy's Pets - this is Lulu the pink poodle. Please note that Lulu was turned off for this photo, and kids should never let their hair near #TheHappys

We probably will get one this spring or summer.  I think Bubbles is at a good age to be able to treat a puppy gently and it will be good for her to learn the responsibility of feeding, walking, cleaning up after.  But I am not interested in potty training a dog in the cold of winter, ya know?

The Happy’s Pets

Recently I was asked by MomSelect if we would like to review some new The Happy’s toys.  The Happy’s – a collection of puppy and kitty pals plus interactive toys – are from Cepia, the same folks that produce the popular ZhuZhu Pets.  We received a cute pink poodle named Lulu that came with a “treat” (it looks like a little remote) that the dog will respond to.  There was also a Chase & Play ball for Lulu to run around after.

Aside from it being a ton of fun to watch them run in circles in the middle of the floor, chasing their tails, and on top of them being adorable, I actually found Lulu to be a great lesson for our preschooler.  Because Lulu kind of does her own thing, goes her own direction, etc. Bubbles has had to learn that she can’t always make everything (or everyone) do exactly what she’d like.  Something I’m glad to see her learn now with a toy dog that can be shut off versus getting frustrated with a live puppy that cannot.

The Happy's Pets: Lulu and her Chase & Play ball #TheHappys

If you’re considering adding a pet to your family I actually really recommend these as a great test run.  Or if you can’t have pets due to allergies or space constraints (or if you do have a pet that would like a little quiet time) these The Happy’s pets would be a great choice.  And, of course, there is the fun factor.  Bubbles has spent a significant amount of time chasing Lulu around while squealing happily at her antics.

Which of The Happy’s pets would you like to bring home?

This post is part of a campaign with Cepia LLC and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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