Nov 202014
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I received LeapFrog LeapTV products in order to facilitate my review. All words and opinions are my own.

Technology is becoming more kid-friendly by the day. And when I want the latest and greatest in tech for kids, I look to LeapFrog. We’ve long been a fan of their products and with the new release of the LeapFrog LeapTV, they’ve given their best offering to date.

Kids can learn and have fun - all while staying active - with the new LeapFrog LeapTV Game System

Bubbles loves to play along with whatever Mommy and Daddy are doing, but let’s be real – the gaming systems out there right now are designed for adults, not kids. Even if there are family-friendly games, the controllers are designed with dexterity in mind, not learning. And though I can button-mash with the best of them, letting kids play a game that way just leads to their frustration.

The new LeapFrog LeapTV addresses all of these concerns and more. It’s the first system we’ve owned that after the initial setup Bubbles could literally run control of it from start to finish. The sleek and smartly-designed system base turns on with a single push of a round, raised button that she can handle using on her own.

LeapFrog LeapTV Controller

From there she moves the camera over to the center of the entertainment system, slides the adjustable strap of the controller around her wrist – a smart addition – and follows the on-screen prompts to find the game she wants to play (classic control). The design of the controller itself is super-smart: held in it’s original position, it’s much like any other gaming controller, only with two longer grips for small hands. Hold down a button and slide the left handle upward, though, and suddenly you have a “laser pointer”-type of device that allows you a second kind of game control (pointer play).

We loved the LeapFrog LeapTV so much we wanted to share it with our friends, so we invited a few of Bubbles’ pals over to play with us. Parents were excited, and with good reason: their kiddos were going to get to play a video game that helps them be active, all while learning. Because in addition to the controller, many of the games also require kids to use their body to accomplish tasks while playing.

Watch the action on the screen, listen to the audio prompts and use the controller or your body to play along on the LeapFrog LeapTV

Unfortunately, the morning of the party dawned and upon waking Bubbles’ first words were, “Mommy my tongue is stuck.” She’d been fighting a cold for a few days prior, and the cold had officially won. We hoped to just reschedule for a couple days later, but the crazy winter snow storm that blanketed much of the country shut our town down for a day and a half, so we’ve rescheduled for just after Thanksgiving.

If you’re looking to add a new gaming system to your home, I highly recommend the LeapFrog LeapTV. Right now there are 9 cartridge games available and by year-end there will be 100+ LeapFrog educator-approved games and videos. It comes loaded with Pet Play World which is one of Bubbles’ favorites. She loves to customize each of her pets, dress them, give them a bath, and more.

Playing LeapFrog Sports! Bowling Game on the LeapFrog LeapTV

The other two games we’ve been playing are LeapFrog Sports! and LeapFrog Dance & Learn. Both games keep her moving while letting her practice spelling, reading, math, and more. In addition to the visual prompts on the screen, there are audio clues that match. As a former educator, I know how important it is to engage all the senses when learning so this is an aspect I really love.

The LeapFrog LeapTV grows with your child; as they progress through the games, it advances the challenge. So we’ll not only get years of use from the system, but the games themselves have a high replay value.

Have you tried the LeapFrog LeapTV yet?

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