Nov 102014
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Last year when we went to Maine to visit my family I also was excited to see my friend Em.  Em was one of my best friends in high school and even though we don’t get to talk every day, it’s still the kind of friendship where we text each other when our favorite movie is on TV.  And when we do have the chance to get together, it’s still an easy conversation.

Baking Across the Miles with Hallmark Northpole Gifts


Em has a sweet (and super-smart) daughter named Cam. Cam is 10 and when her mom came to visit at the house where I was staying, Cam came along.  It was actually great because Cam and Bubbles played together while we got caught up on each other’s lives.  (By the way, if you happen to be the aforementioned Em – stop reading here, please).

Hallmark Northpole Gifts and Toys at Walmart

I wanted to send Cam a little something, sort of as a thank you for hanging with Bubbles, and also as a way to let Em know that I’m thinking of her.  When I saw the adorable Hallmark Northpole movie toys and books at Walmart, I decide to create a little “Baking Across the Miles” gift for them.  The Hallmark Northpole movie is definitely something Em and I would have watched together, so it just seemed to fit.

Hallmark Northpole Cookie Wonder Wheel Rolling Cookie Cutter

The baking gear that’s part of the Northpole collection is absolutely adorable.  The little Rolling Cookie Cutter that cuts out cookies in the shape of a mitten when you roll it over the dough might be my favorite.  Can’t you just see cranking out batch after batch of elf-inspired cookies?

Hallmark Northpole "Bake Like an Elf" Baking Kit

There’s also an actual “Bake Like an Elf” baking set with kid-sized tools.  I picked up one of those to go along with the cookie cutter, then decided to top it off with a Sprinkle Bell that you can fill with sprinkles and use to decorate your sugary creations.  Both Em and her husband work in education, so when I noticed the Once Upon a Northpole Christmas story book I also bought one of those.  Em and Cam can read it while their cookies bake!

Hallmark Northpole Sprinkle Bell Decorating Tool

The I created a little gift tag “The Number of Miles May Be Many, But the Number of Memories Is Even More” to package in with everything.  You can print one out, too, if you have someone far away to whom you’d like to send a gift.

The Number of Miles May Be Many, But the Number of Memories Is Even More Printable Gift Tag

Of course, while I was putting all of this together, Bubbles was having a ton of fun playing with her Magic Snowball.  Each snowball has lights inside that “magically” come on when you toss it.  We’ve only had it a few days, but it has received a lot of use so I’m thinking I might need to stop back in and pick up a few more.

Check out more ways you can get into the spirit with this Northpole Magic of Childhood video clip from Hallmark Northpole.

To whom would you like to send a Hallmark Northpole gift pack?

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  1. This is such a great idea! I love that you’re keeping your friendship alive with this gift that’s sure to create amazing family memories–win/win! #client

  2. Those are all so neat! I haven’t been to Hallmark in a long time…. I need to go check these out!

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