Oct 282014
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I received products in order to facilitate my post. All words and opinions are my own.

Bubbles is at the age where she wants to do so many different things, but doesn’t always have the skill set to accomplish them.  Like when she tried to jump on a skateboard when we were at the store recently.  No, thank you, we do not need a trip to the ER today.

PomTree Stuck on Fun Mess-Free Crafting Kits for Kids

There are also a number of different craft projects she sees on TV or when she’s sitting with me and I’m looking at Pinterest.  “Mama, let’s do that!” is something I love to hear, but as they involve sewing or massive amounts of scissor work I often have to reply, “We can when you’re older”.

But now we’ve discovered PomTree Stuck on Fun Kits and our crafting world has expanded.  These kits let you create adorable Pillow Puff and Pom Pals that require no sewing or glue.  Minimal mess, big smiles and fun – you’ll love these things.

I had let Bubbles help me in selecting our kits, so she knew what was coming.  When the box arrived, the very first thing she wanted to try was the Mommy & Baby Bird Pom Pals kit.  The Mommy & Baby Bird kit came with one large and one small pom pom, each in a different shade of blue. You decorate them with the included stickers that make up their eyes, wings, feet, and noses.

The next kit we opened was the Felt Puppy & Bone Pillow Puff kit.  This also uses stickers in lieu of glue or sewing, and was easy to put together outside of a little challenge with lining up the front and back of the puppy while closing the batting inside.  I really liked the cute bone that came with it, complete with the little pompoms inside the ends to make it poofy.

Just a little head’s up that younger kids might need some help peeling the backing off the stickers (some of them were tricky even for me).  Other than that these are a great way for kids to create with ease on their own.

PomTree Stuck on Fun Jewelry Tub

We’ve also been playing around with the Pom Jewelry Activity Tub.  It has over 400 different pieces that can be used however you like to make necklaces, bracelets, hair ribbons and more.  Bubbles loves to “be fashion”, so getting to create her own wearable treasures has been right up her alley.

If your kiddos like crafting, then I really think they’ll love these kits.  I absolutely am putting some of the other options on my shopping list for Christmas.  Especially another Pom Jewelry Activity Tub since you get so many crafts for under $10.

Which of the PomTree Stuck on Fun kits would be your first choice?

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