Sep 282014
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I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Jif To Go Dippers. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating.

I’m a little bit exhausted.  Okay, I’ll be honest – I’m a lot exhausted.  We just returned from a fun family weekend adventure where we were on-the-go the entire time and there are parts of my body that are tired, that I didn’t even know could get tired.

We #GetGoing with Mini Golf! #GetGoing with Jif to Go and Win $1,000

I’ve learned that “on-the-go” has an entirely different meaning when it includes a preschooler that IS VERY EXCITED and quickly bounces from foot to foot and activity to activity.  She had such a great time that she’s already asking when our next vacation will be and where we’ll go.

It’s definitely a fun question to ponder.  Of course, I would like for our next family adventure to take us to Disney World.  Or maybe Boston, which is my second favorite vacation destination.  Though it might be fun to go someplace none of us have ever been, like the Grand Canyon.  Decisions, decisions…

#GetGoing with Jif to Go and Win $1000

Jif is celebrating on-the-go families with their #GetGoing With Jif To Go photo contest (check out complete rules).  Each week fans can enter to win $1,000 to put towards their next adventure.  Having some seed money towards your trip could either make it really easy to decide, or open the door to even more possibilities.  With an extra $1,000 to add to a trip you already had budgeted for, maybe you could travel further and see Alaska, Ireland, or New Zealand (all also on my bucket list).

The contest ends on October 1st, so hurry and get your entry in!  I plan to submit a photo from our travels this weekend, and show how we #GetGoing.  Meanwhile, I’m going to grab one of the Chocolate Silk Jif To Go Dippers and go back to narrowing down the destination for our next vacation.

New Jif To Go Dippers

Where would you adventure if you won the Jif To Go photo contest?

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