Jul 222014
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This DIY movie lovers gift basket post is sponsored by Pop Secret. All thoughts and words are my own.

I haven’t met too many people – any people? – that have said “I don’t really like movies”. The type of movie they enjoy may vary greatly from person to person, but everyone seems to enjoy them. Which is why a movie lovers gift basket is one of my go-to gift giving ideas.

DIY Movie Lovers Gift Basket for Under $10

These gift baskets are easy to put together, and with a little planning ahead, are really inexpensive. For example, I recently picked up a big popcorn bowl at Walmart in their summer clearance for $1. A set of four matching smaller bowls was also just $1. And you could always hit up one of the dollar stores, too.

For the movies, I stock up on Black Friday. The big box stores always have DVDs and Blu-rays for as little as $2. I generally pick up a dozen or so titles of different genres: family-friendly, action, kids, etc. That way I always have a few to tuck in with my movie loves gift baskets.

It’s not a movie night without snacks, too. I usually grab a bag of candy and a couple boxes of Pop Secret popcorn (like their Movie Theater Butter kind). Fill the big bowl with all the above items, and you have a great gift sure to make anyone happy!

Goodbye, Burnt Popcorn, with the Pop Secret Perfect Pop App #PerfectPop

One thing I will now be including in my movie lovers gift baskets is a note card with instructions to download the Pop Secret Perfect Pop app. This new app – for use on the iPhone 5+ on iOS 7+ – helps you make a perfectly popped bag of Pop Secret popcorn!

Just put the bag in the microwave and set the time based on the bag’s suggestion. Turn up the volume on your iPhone and point the speaker at your microwave (stay within 3 feet). Start the microwave, then start the app. It will tell you when your popcorn is perfect! (If you’re using the 100 calorie snack bags, be sure to set the app to the Snack Bag size).

What would you put in your movie lovers gift basket?

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