Jun 262014
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Back before Christmas I shared a really fun playset from Pinypon. The Ski Lodge and Snow Car were perfect for the winter months, letting Bubbles have some pretend snow play to match the season, especially on the days it was too cold to actually go out in the snow. Long after the weather has turned warm, she’s still played with it consistently.

Pinypon Aquapark Adventures Playset

We have been so pleased with all our products from Famosa that when they asked if we’d like to try the Pinypon Aquapark Adventures set, I definitely said yes. The quality and attention to detail that they pay with their products always makes them a home run.

Built-In Changing Room for the Pinypon Aquapark Adventures Playset

The attention to detail is actually one of my favorite things about Pinypon toys. For example, the Pinypon Friend doll that is included comes with a ton of cute accessories that she can change into and out of in the little changing room, including a beach towel. And she’s even wearing a cute bathing suit that actually changes color when it gets wet!

Real Water Fun with the Pinypon Aquapark Adventures Playset

Add Water to the Hot Tub with the Pinypon Aquapark Adventures Playset

And of course, it wouldn’t be a water park without water. There’s a little hot tub for relaxing; fill it with water, then press the button next to it and the water bubbles like a real hot tub. You can also fill the bucket at the top of the water slide and give the little dolls some help being washed down the slide.

With the water feature, this set easily transitions from indoor or outdoor play. I like to take it outside and set it on the picnic table while Bubbles is playing in the sandbox or on her swing set. It gives her something a little different to do when she wants a break, and can get a little splashy and cooled off filling the bucket and hot tub.

Would you play with the Pinypon Aquapark more indoors or outdoors?

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  1. This is just so adorable. I can see my daughter asking to play with this in the tub and outside in her pool.

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