Jun 192014
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This graduation gifts guide is brought to you by Microsoft and SocialMoms. All thoughts and words are my own.

Graduation season is in full swing and will run for the next couple of weeks. Having three graduates in our immediate family – Austin graduating from high school and Ashley graduating from college, and one of my brothers graduating from college, also – graduation gifts have certainly been on my mind.

All of our graduates are in different stages of life which can make it a little harder to come up with just the right gift.  If you’re in the same situation, I’ve put together a gift guide for you to hopefully make it a little easier for you!

Graduation Gifts for the College-Bound

Graduation Gift Ideas: Graduation Gifts for the College Bound

If your graduate is heading off to college, one of the first things they’ll need is a computer.  If you’re going this route, can I suggest a laptop?  When I was in college everyone was still mostly taking notes with a pen and paper, or the occasional voice recording stick, but now a lot of people like to just type them up on their laptop.

Go for a lighter one; the HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11-e011nr Touchscreen is under four pounds and has a battery life of up to 5 hours, which makes it a great choice, in my opinion.  Pick them up some accessories, too, like a good laptop case.  It’s an excellent way to protect your investment, and can also help personalize the gift even more.

And don’t forget about the fun!  A MINI JAMBOX from Jawbone will let them keep the tunes flowing while they’re studying (let’s go with studying, right?) and the speakers come in every color under the sun.  They’re portable, too, so music can follow them anywhere.

Any or all of those would make your grad smile.  Think about wrapping them up in some towels and filling a laundry basket with them, plus some detergent and a roll of quarters.  Now they’ll be set for their first semester!

Graduation Gifts for Job Seekers

Graduation Gift Ideas: Graduation Gifts for Job Seekers

Your job seekers are also going to need a PC of some sort.  I’m still a fan of laptops – I’ve used one pretty much exclusively for the last six or seven years – but when you’re not lugging it from class to class you don’t have to worry about the weight quite as much.  Something like the HP ENVY TouchSmart weighs 5.62 pounds and sports a nice 15.6″ screen with Full HD BrightView.

I’d also suggest for all those resumes they’ll be printing and sending that they might love a printer, too.  We have the HP ENVY printer and I love it. Prints, scans (direct to email!), faxes and the setup was a breeze.  Add in a couple of ink cartridges for them, and they’ll love you even more.

Job seekers will also need to look presentable for their interviews.  I have no doubt they’d really appreciate a gift card to their favorite retailer that sells work-appropriate clothing.  And maybe a second gift card to their favorite coffee house so they can sip a coffee while they pour over the help wanted ads.

Graduation Gifts for Gamers

College Graduation Gift Guide: Gifts for Gamers

No matter what age your graduate is, if they’re a gamer, there are a few things I can guarantee that they’ll appreciate. For example, an Xbox One. A price-drop on these was just announced making it even more affordable and if your gamer doesn’t have one, they’ll be drooling when they open the box.

Sweeten it up for them with a subscription to Xbox Live and a few Xbox One games. My game picks: Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, and the LEGO Movie game.  For serious gamers, they’d also appreciate a headset that has a built-in mic so they can trash-talk all of their buddies and a nice gaming mouse with all the extra buttons.

Your gamer has to eat, too.  A few gift cards for a local pizza joint (extra points for ones that deliver) or fast food places are sure to score.

There are some special offers out there right now from the Microsoft store that can help with the tech portion of your gifts.  Get $100 off PCs priced at $599 or more through July 6th, and when you buy a PC you’ll also get 30% off Microsoft hardware accessories.  All teachers and students always get 10% off in the Microsoft store, too!

And for your kiddos still on the path to graduation, Microsoft is holding summer camps this year for kids 8-10, and 11-13.  They can choose from a pretty wide selection of one-week classes, including game coding and designing.  I would have been beside myself with excitement had those existed when I was a kid.

What graduation gifts will be you be giving?

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  1. Great ideas, Liza! I especially liked the Jambox and gift card ideas. I have a few grad gifts to purchase the next couple years and I will be adding those to the gift list. Thanks again!

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